Referee Game Procedures

Arrive at field 30 minutes before kickoff
Field Check
Check-in all players 15 minutes before kickoff
Proper check in procedures
  1. USE ONLY 1 Match report if possible. If names on roster differ then use one for each team.
  2. Collect ref fees
  3. Verify manager - have them PRINT their name on the match report (they will sign after the game)
  4. Verify name and DOB of every player as follows
    1. Manager will show their photo on the team page from their phone
    2. Player will give their DOB verbally
    3. If you cannot see their photo clearly or there is no photo the player is required to present PHOTO ID
    4. Put a check mark next to the players name in the provided space on the match roster
    5. Write in players are allowed, verify their name and photo. Check them in - we will validate these players after the game to determine eligibility - our managers know the rules
  5. Mark Starters

Use official SWPL Substitution Cards (provided by each team - if applicable)

Post Game Procedures
  1. Mark final score at top of match report (on both reports if two were used to check in players
  2. Mark goals scored next to names on roster
  3. Mark yellow and red cards next to names on roster
  4. Present the completed match report to both managers to SIGN
  5. Managers must take a photo of the completed and signed match report
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