SWPL Championship

2023-24 SWPL Championships

Nevada - Pacific - SoCal - San Diego

Schedule your TRAVEL to the Finals using our partnership with HOTELPLANNER (If for group travel just reach out snd say you are with NISA and they arrange Click "group travel" tab and it will take you to start a process)


Player Eligibility

  • Championship rosters are frozen after each teams final regular season game. Players cannot be added.
  • "Inavtive" players can be made "Active" for the final as long as they have played in at least 1 regluar season match
  • No Borrowed Players / No Free Agents
  • Players may not be trasferred from another team from the same club or another club to compete in the championships

Home/Away Hosting

  • SWPL will determine which teams are Home/Away for each match.
  • BOTH teams will pay the referee fees as is normal for regular season matches.
  • SWPL will host and cover field costs.
  • SWPL will record the match (all teams encouraged to bring their own video equipment to record/livestream if desired)

Substitution Rules for Championships - No re-entry in same half, Sub cards required

Semi-Final matches will go straight to PK's if tied after regulation. Finals will play two 15 minute over-time periods if tied after regulation, then will go to PK's if still tied after extra time to determine the champion.

ALL teams will receive 20 tickets (SWPL wristbands) for distribution to their families and fans.

Tickets available for purchase of $10 each at the gate. Children 7 and under are free.

For further rules see the SWPL Operations Handboook

All other Match Procedures will be same as regular season SWPL matches

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