Over30 History


Reasons for starting up the league:
1. To have a truly local league for our own adult soccer community (many players being coaches involved in youth soccer), which is “family-friendly.”
2. To fix problems from other leagues, with referees too often losing control of games, where fights or foul language occurred, preventing families from attending, and reducing the overall level of player enjoyment and camaraderie.
3. To ensure long-term control of playing on good fields, without having to worry about abuse of City guidelines for field use.
4. To give players the best value for their dollar.
5. To help promote more of a total soccer community, with players as coaches/refs for youth soccer, player family activities, player networking, etc…


Season 1 (06/09-11/09) there were 7 teams:  Melinter A and B, PCH, RSM, 138, OC Hungarians, and SC Juniors. 138 merged with RSM mid-season.

Season 1 ended on 11/15/2009.  There were 0 incidents or fights, only a few yellow cards, and
3 red cards, all of which were minor, with no suspensions.

With a successful season under our belt, we decided to reach out to other local teams who
seemed like a compatible fit, and invite them to join.

Season 2 (04/10-09/10) there were 10 teams: AS Roma A and B, Laguna Legends, Melinda United, Melinter, OC Hungarians, PCH, RSM, SC Surf, Venom FC

Season 2 solidified the league. AS Roma joined and helped influence other teams to join,
while some teams formed from scratch. We ended up with 10 teams, all of which were very
compatible… one week there was four ties and a 3-2 game.  The attitude from everyone (with one or two exceptions) involved was great, focusing on fun, fair play, camaraderie and
promoting a positive, family-friendly environment… a major goal of the league.

Season 3 (10/10-05/11): grew to 16 teams. Added ACE United, Ladera White, Ladera Red, MV
United, OC United, OC Metros 

Season 3 saw more solid growth,, and a split into two divisions mid-season, ending up with 16 teams, 8 per division.  The compatibility level remained high, especially within each division. Word of the league’s success and atmosphere started spreading, and soon more teams were calling asking if they could join.

It is left to the League and Team Managers to decide what the ultimate optimal size for the league will be.

Season 4 (7/11-1/12): 18 teams (9 per div). Pumas joined, left midseason; Rangers Oldboys joined; ACE came back; OC Hungarians split into 2 (OC Internationals).

Season 4 saw the introduction of the inter-division Open Cup tournament, which also showed how even both divisions were (with many Div 2 teams beating Div 1 teams). Relegation was introduced, where the top 2 Div 2 teams moved up to Div 1, and bottom two Div 1 teams moved to Div 2.

Season winners: 1st Div – Ladera White; 2nd Div – OC Metros.  Playoff winners: Div 1 – Ladera
White; Div 2 –  Rangers Oldboys.  Open Cup:  OC Internationals

Season 5 (2/12-9/12): 19 teams (9 in Div 1, 10 in Div 2); BTFC joined.

Season 5 carried on similarly to Season 4, with the addition of BTFC into Div 1.  Open Cup
Tournament continued to demonstrate strong competitiveness between teams from both

Season winners: Div 1 – Ladera White; Div 2 – Rangers Oldboys. Playoff winners: Div 1 – Melinter; Div 2- Barcelona MV; Open Cup: BTFC

Season 6 (10/12-5/13)  18 teams (9 per Div); joined Cal South; OC Internationals and Hungarians merged back to become AS Euro Laguna.

Joining Cal South provided all players with either primary or secondary insurance coverage, along with other important benefits (having ID cards to confirm ages and rosters, giving refs USSF credit for games, providing better access to tournaments etc.)  The Discipline Committee was also formed, and strong penalties were put in place for any type of violent behavior or ref abuse.  Overall the season turned out to be our best ever.

Season winners Div 1 – AS Euro Laguna; Div 2 – Roma 09.  Playoff winners: Div 1 – PCH; Div 2 – Sporting Black; Open Cup: ??

Season 7 (6/2/13-12/22/13):  16 teams. Started 1 Div, then split into 2 Divisions after Round 1 (8 each); Ace, OC United and Real So Cty left; Purple joined.

The league continued to mature, and the “family-friendly” policy became front and center (with the expulsion of some disruptive players and a coach.)

Discussions began between the League Commissioner and AYSO to bring the adult league in under NAASA (North Amer. Adult Soccer Assoc) which AYSO is affiliated with… as a step towards some of the League's original goals of becoming more involved with youth soccer development.  Plans were made to start up a Veteran's 45+ Division.  A first annual Masters Cup Tournament was held with 8 teams from Coast Soccer League, and that was very successful (tournament finals were held at the Great Park, with BTFC and Melinter, and BTFC winning.  Lunch and free massages were also served up!)

Season winners: Div 1 – BTFC;  Div 2 – Venom FC.  Playoff Winners: Div 1 – BTFC; Div 2 – Venom FC.  Masters Cup:  BTFC

Season 8 (2/2/14 – 8/31/14): 15 teams. Started the new 45+ Vets Div (7 teams).  Laderas,
Romas formed one team in each div; Legends left; Los Troncos joined, went 9-2-1 in 12
games, winning Div 2 after the mid-season split into 2 Div's.  The 35+ Division played one final season with Cal South, while the new 45+ Div. started up under AYSO's affiliated NAASA, with plans to have the 35+ join starting Season 9 (at the end of the Cal South insurance coverage (August).

The overall level of play continued to improve, and was at its highest ever in Season 8.  More and more families and fans came out and enjoyed the games, and the number of incidents were kept at a minimum.  An inter-league post-season tournament was held in September.

Season winners: Div 1 – Ladera Blue; Div 2 – Los Troncos (started with 1 Div, then split into 2
Div’s after Round 1); Post-Season Tourney: (Still TBD)

Season 9 (10/12/14 – 6/21/15): Started w/ 15 teams, ended with 13 (PCH merged w/ Melinter, Melinda United folded). All teams played each other once (Round 1), then split into two divisions, each team played the other team in division once (total 19 games + Masters Cup). 
Los Troncos tied Purple for total points, Purple conceded the title based on Goal Differential. Managers voted for future ties to be resolved by: 1. head to head 2. G/D between the tied teams; 3. total G/D.

Melinter won Div. 2.   2nd annual Masters Cup tournament (renamed Barry Turner Masters
Cup) was held with 8 teams from So Cal Premier (formerly CSL);

PSA beat Purple in the finals of Champions Cup; Los Troncos beat BTFC in finals of the
Friendship Cup.  (3-6 games per team).

Started up a new Coed Recreation Div, for AYSO parents/volunteers, with 16 teams forming in Season 1 (out of 6 AYSO regions).  As a result, Black Hawks joined 35+, Arsenal joined 45+.

Season winners: Div 1 – Los Troncos; Div 2 – Melinter; Golden Boot: Hussein Kawaar (BTFC)

Season 10 (7/12/15 – 12/20/15): Started w/ 14 teams, ended with 13 (Ladera Blue merged with
new team Ladera Royals). All teams played each other once for Round 1 (Seeding Round), then split into two divisions.  Each team then played the other team in their division once (total 19 games), plus started the 3rd Annual OC Masters /  Barry Tuner Cup with 9 teams So. Cal Premier’s 35+  League.

Season winners: Div 1 Medal Round:  AS Euro Laguna; Div 2 Medal Round:  (Still TBD at Mgr’s Mtg); Seeding Round 1: BTFC; Golden Boot: Hussein Kawaar (BTFC)

Season 11 (1/17/16-8/7/16) Started and ended with 12 teams.  All teams played each other
once for Round 1 (Seeding Round), then split into two divisions, where each team played the others in their division once (total 16 games), plus finished up the 3rd Annual OC Masters Cup / Barry Turner Cup for another 3-6 games, for a season total of 19-22 games. 

Season winners: Div 1 Medal Round: Team Purple; Div 2 Medal Round: BTFC; Seeding Round 1: Los Troncos; Golden Boot: Angel Gonzalez, Los Troncos.

Season 12 (8/14/16-3/19/17) Started with 12 teams, ended with 10 (Strikers, Red Slushies left).  All teams played each other once in Round 1, then split into two Divisions and played each of the teams in their division twice (so 19 games for Div 2 and 21 games for Div 1… plus 3 Masters Cup games for its Seeding Round), for a total of 22-24 games.

Season winners:  Div 1 Medal Round: (Still TBD); Div 2 Medal Round: Venom FC.  Seeding
Round 1: Team Purple.  Golden Boot:  Angel Gonzalez, Los Troncos.

Season 13 (4/2/17-10/15/17) Started with 11 teams; OC Metros dropped out after Round 1, and Shadows team disappeared (after struggling to get/keep players). Teams played each other twice for a total of 18 games. Most teams participated in the 5th Annual Masters Cup Tournament (with So Cal Premier Division), and played from 3-6 games, so total season teams played 21-24 games.  SCP teams won the cup this year, so need to pay them back next time. Los Troncos won the Season, followed closely by Team Purple and Ladera Royals.

Season 14 (11/12/17-7/1/18) or 7.5 months. Played with 9 teams, each team played each
other twice (16 games), plus Masters Cup Tournament (6th Annual), plus Playoffs (top 8
teams).  Los Troncos won the season, and Playoff finals are 7/1 between Los Troncos and
Purple.  John Michael Lemus won Golden Boot. We struggled again in the Masters Cup, with only two teams making it through to Champions Cup. Overall, teams showed lots of parity, with any team able to win any game.

Season 15 (7/8/18-2/10/19) or 7 mo.  Started with 10 teams, inter OC went to 45+ Div mid-
season, ended with 9.  Each team played the other 2x (18 games), plus friendlies, 7th Annual Masters Cup tournament, and Playoffs (top 8 teams).  (24+ games total). Los Troncos won the season (3rd time straight!). Playoffs still TBD. 

Golden Boot split between Angel Gonzalez and Braulio Ramirez (both Los Troncos, 15 goals each)

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